Hair and now

So, as I keep alluding to, my fuzz is coming along great guns. It’s also being rapidly joined by eyelashes and eyebrows, to my great relief! It looks to my eyes like it’s growing in a sort of gunmetal grey colour, but I could be mistaken.

What amuses me about my fuzz is how people respond to it. In general, women claim to love it, men seldom acknowledge it, and then once in a while someone wants to pat it. This I understand completely – a fuzzy head is awfully nice to pat. I have befriended a number of (high camp) local gentleman who yell out Babe, love your hair! as I walk on by.

As to how I feel, I’m not quite sure. I’m ecstatic to have hair at all, but I can’t quite adapt to my face as it is now.

So, kitandkabooble brains trust, what do you think? Here are a series of photos – before, during and after chemo.


This photo was taken about a week into chemo by my very talented photographer friend Fi. I was miserable and nauseous, but I feel in retrospect the photo shows great strength. What long thick hair I had!

wig-photo-1-BW wig-photo-2-BW

These two are photographic evidence of the wig and painted on eyebrows I wore to the very lovely Kylie and Ian’s wedding. Fun fact: that’s another wonderful friend named Fee in the photos. Love my Fionas. Thanks Kylie and the talented photographers for these photos!


And here I am now. Is the transformation as big to everyone else as it feels to me?




  1. The Presents of Presence

    You look lovely! You have such thick and beautiful hair! Mine came back even thinner and 80% grey when it returned after chemo so you are doing great! So sorry you’re enduring this, but know that you are beautiful ~ inside and out! Hugs!

  2. Clair Cisterne

    Well, I’ve always liked the look of girls with very short hair, so I think you look completely spunky. I really do think you look just gorgeous. ..I can’t even tell what you mean by big transformation. I think you’re seeing something the rest of us aren’t because you know what you’ve been through, and maybe can’t believe you could have come back round to how you used to before everything started. You look as beautiful as ever. …And somehow more so.

    ..It is funny, the responses from people when you’re a woman with a crew cut. And yes, attractive to some men and invisible to others …and disturbing to some more conservative women.. and all of a sudden you almost belong in the ‘punk’ crowd. I enjoyed being exempt from hair-style-fashion-participation. Which I’ve always been pretty shoddy at.

    I recently got my rather odd looking mass of fur cut into a very respectable short style. -only a few snips making all the difference, and it’s well up there in my all time best hair styles. I would never have had the balls to go for a short style had it not been for the shave.

    Thanks for showing a couple of time-passage shots. xx

  3. Gabs Peters

    yeah I think you look very chic with the short hair and you’ve got the perfect shaped jaw to pull it off. Also the dress you wore to the wedding is frikin awesome! – gab

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