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Hair and now

So, as I keep alluding to, my fuzz is coming along great guns. It’s also being rapidly joined by eyelashes and eyebrows, to my great relief! It looks to my eyes like it’s growing in a sort of gunmetal grey colour, but I could be mistaken.

What amuses me about my fuzz is how people respond to it. In general, women claim to love it, men seldom acknowledge it, and then once in a while someone wants to pat it. This I understand completely – a fuzzy head is awfully nice to pat. I have befriended a number of (high camp) local gentleman who yell out Babe, love your hair! as I walk on by.

As to how I feel, I’m not quite sure. I’m ecstatic to have hair at all, but I can’t quite adapt to my face as it is now.

So, kitandkabooble brains trust, what do you think? Here are a series of photos – before, during and after chemo.


This photo was taken about a week into chemo by my very talented photographer friend Fi. I was miserable and nauseous, but I feel in retrospect the photo shows great strength. What long thick hair I had!

wig-photo-1-BW wig-photo-2-BW

These two are photographic evidence of the wig and painted on eyebrows I wore to the very lovely Kylie and Ian’s wedding. Fun fact: that’s another wonderful friend named Fee in the photos. Love my Fionas. Thanks Kylie and the talented photographers for these photos!


And here I am now. Is the transformation as big to everyone else as it feels to me?



Hair thee well

Gentle reader, this weekend was all about hair.

It’s strange, because exactly one year ago I was moving in to my new house (dream house in Darlinghurst, object of about five years of fantasies) and feeling that life pretty much couldn’t get any better. I wondered if it was actually possible to feel any happier?

How do I feel one year on? Well… bald, I guess.

Bald but not shaken. It was still a bloody good weekend. And thanks to the amazing people around me, I felt pretty happy this weekend too.

The weekend started with a hat. This hat. (Apologies for the blurry yellow pic…).


My amazing friend Bee made it for me. Despite being frantically busy with the thousands of cool and interesting things Bee spends her time on, she took time out to create me this superb hat in less than a week. It was in honour of a lovely wedding that had fallen auspiciously on the exact weekend my hair was due to fall out on. And was there ever a more pure and wonderful expression of Niccola? I think not.

Bee, you brought a tear to my eye and you made my last night with hair a fairy princess experience (or maybe more a Puck from Midsummer Night’s Dream moment?). Bless you.

Sunday was a bit different… a weird pagan celebration of the loss of hair. Here’s our mottley crew before the big shave…



And here we are after… (excepting Quinn’s mohawk and Michael’s mo, which had been shaved off by the time the photo at the top of the post was taken).

And here’s the big shave, celebrated in a very big slideshow…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is going to read like an Oscars speech, simply because so many amazing people need to be acknowledged.

First, the shavers… (Refer to the photo above, each row left to right starting at the top).
Glenn, Red, Declan.
Michael, Charlie, Quinn, Nic.
Clair, Hilary, Me, Ben and Monty.
Bonus points to Clair and Hilary. Girl power!

Second, the hosts… Jaq and Red and their amazing borrowed house in Riverview.

Third, the hairdressers and hair sweepers… Gab, Red, Charlie, Ben, Clair, Glenn, Brigit, Jo.

Fourth, the photographer, Morgan, who very kindly came out of photographic retirement to take these awesome photos.

Fifth, everyone who brought a plate. The food was amazing. They said it couldn’t be done, but we pretty much ate it all.

Sixth, everyone who came along. Nice friendly crowd, and not one rude comment was made concerning everyone’s extreme new do’s.

Seventh, everyone who donated. Currently $2870. Amazing!!!!

Eighth, anyone I forgot in the list above!

Oh, and Ninth… Quinn, for being the very first person to offer to shave his head in my honour. You started a revolution, man! And I won’t ever forget the generosity of that first offer, it really means a lot.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the day.

Oh yes… did I not mention the Swan’s victory this weekend? Here, Michael reminds us of this incredible fact.
Cheer, cheer, the red and the white!

Monty took his head shaving very seriously indeed. Isn’t he the coolest little dude ever?


Hilary and Monty model their cool new do’s.


Quinn fulfils a lifelong ambition of having a mohawk.

Sisters in (partial) baldness, with their patient partners doing the shaving. Sadly you can’t quite see my rad undercut here!

Please feel free to request any photos in the slideshow, I’m happy to email them around.

I’m still at the point where I’m not quite sure what to make of my bad ass new head. It feels pretty great. A little cold though. Let the flurry of hats, wigs and headscarves begin!

Bald love to you all…





Definitely worth losing your hair over

Over the last few weeks, a number of very brave men (and one extremely brave woman!) in my life have offered to shave their heads in solidarity with my impending baldness. I was slow to react on this one, because I felt terrible for being the one responsible for forcing these good people into something pretty major and a bit scary!

But over time, I decided that it would be amusing, not scary, and it could be used to generate some funds for a really amazing new cancer research facility that just opened in Darlinghurst, the Kinghorn Cancer Centre. This is where I’ll be getting most of my chemo and where some absolutely game-changing research is being carried out as I type this. I know that some of you will know this facility as The Building That Stole The Green Park Hotel’s Beer Garden, but please forgive it for its trespasses, it was for the greater good I assure you.

I’ve just set up a very basic looking fundraising page so that anyone who wishes to donate rather than shave has a place to do it, and also so that anyone who does do the shave can direct any haters of their bold new do in this direction…


The date of the big shave is around 3pm on Sunday September 30. I’m currently seeking a location – I’d offer up my own place but just don’t quite have the energy for the clean-up that will inevitably follow and I worry it’ll be a little on the cramped side. Anyone who can bring hair clippers will be much loved.

I must warn you that I may well beat you all to the whole baldness thing. It could start as soon as next weekend but I’ll try to keep a few strands handy for the big day!

Leave a comment if you’d like to RSVP or offer up your head and I’ll pass on some more details privately as they arise.