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Staring at the sky


I’ve become one of those weird people who photographs the sky.

There’s little more annoying than someone who spontaneously stops in the middle of a busy street and photographs nothing, right?

I have, until recently, filed these people in the category of bad New Yorkers. Because there is nothing that screams tourist more than someone clogging the footpath and taking lame photos. Nothing. And no-one is less tolerant of a lame-o than a New Yorker.

But anyway.

I seem to look up more at the moment.

I keep getting struck by how amazing everything is. Sun is astounding. Rain is remarkable. Clouds are like nature’s emotions. And they’re all playing out right above our heads.

Find a metaphor in it if you’d like. For now I’m happy just photographing skies.






New kid in school


So, it’s Straya Day. (That’s Australia Day to those not familiar with the Aussie Bogan Dialect).

Straya Day for me as a child was a sorrowful day. Not because it was the day that our fair land was cruelly torn from the hands of the Aborigines by the British invaders (although that would’ve been a bigger minded reason) but because it marked the end of a long and wonderful summer holiday and the return to a school year that seemed to stretch into eternity.

So it’s strange that now, many years on, I’m feeling pretty much the same way. On Tuesday I return to work after an almost five month hiatus. And I feel quite a bit like the kid returning to school.

My head feels delightfully empty of knowledge, facts and practicalities. I wonder… Will the other kids remember me? Will they even recognise me with my post cancer fuzz? I dread the sound of my alarm in the morning. Don’t make me march to your rhythmic beat!

But I’m excited, too. To get back in the thick of things and to see if I will find the old me sitting at my desk awaiting my return.

So, farewell, summer break, and here are a few photos to remember you by.



This last one has been a long time coming. It’s not from this summer, but it’s the rainbow I claimed for myself. Remember, right back in my very first post?


Happy Straya Day, y’all!